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Lullaby d'Bug Q'Bug Eden Mozzie
Bio-X® Q'Bug
Animal Hygiene Spray - Eliminate Fleas, Ticks and Mites
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Total Protection Against Insect Pests
Your Love One Deserved Better Treatment Only a true Multi-Function solution can effectively & comprehensively eliminate all the harmful elements such as Insect Pests, Germ, Foul Smell, Fungal & Mold that infect your Pets.
Unique Formulation
  Active Ingredient: Etofenprox 1.1% w/w
Balanced Ingredients: Botanical Extracts & Treated Water

The products formulated are based on the best mix of cumula5ve knowhow and forefront technologies with a fusion of traditional herbal extracts and advanced scien5fic chemical.
It’s That Safe (more than 14 times less toxic than table salt)
  WHO Pes5cides Evalua5on Scheme (Approval Code: WHOPES/97.24.1) classified pure concentrated Etofenprox under Table 5 – “unlikely to present acute hazard in normal use.”

US EPA (Approval Code: 33657-6) for Carcinogenic Risk Assessment, pure concentrated Etofenprox – “Not likely to be carcinogenic to humans ...”
Targeted Pests:
  Fleas, Ticks & Mites
Eco-Environmentally Friendly
  Degrade naturally: Bio & Photodegradable: does not contaminate the environment.
Product is Safe for ALL Mammals & Birds
Water Based: Non-Staining & Non-Flammable
Dosage and Directions for Use:
  Spray the entire body of the animal against the lay of the fur till moist.
  Ruffle the coat so that d’Bug penetrates down into the skin

To thoroughly moist the coat down to the skin, apply 3 to 6ml per kg body weight (depending on the length of the fur)
  Spray inside the pet house and its surroundings
  Apply once a week for optimum results
Active Ingredient:
Etofenprox 1.1% w/w

Use under adult’s supervision.

Store in cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.